Beets is a nice command-line auto-tagger/music manager. It doesn't do everything by itself, like some others, so it hasn't screwed up my music collection yet.

Table of Contents

1 General config

I prefer keeping as much as I can out of my $HOME directory, so I place library in $HOME/.local/share/beets to keep it out of sight.

The mpdupdate, if I remember correctly, should automatically update my MPD library when something has been added/changed. The embedart plugin should embed album art into my MP3's, which is nice when I'm using my phone to listen.

library: ~/.local/share/beets/library.blb
directory: /mnt/music/lib/
plugins: mpdupdate embedart

2 Paths

When placing music in a directory structure, this is what I prefer (by example):

$directory/Orange Goblin/2012 - A Eulogy for the damned/06 - The Fog.mp3
$directory/Non-Album/Extreme - He Man Woman Hater.mp3
$directory/Compilations/1999 - 666- The Number One Beast, A Tribute to Iron Maiden/11 - Gary Barden - The Trooper.mp3
default: $albumartist/$year - $album/$track - $title
singleton: Non-Album/$artist - $title
comp: Compilations/$year - $album/$track - $artist - $title

3 Plugins

Some plugins require some extra configuration.

3.1 mpdupdate

I run my MPD on localhost:6600.

host: localhost
port: 6600

Date: 01-07-2012 14:38:12

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