Cower is a simple command-line interface to the AUR1.

Table of Contents

1 Color

I prefer to always turn color on, because I often pipe results into less, which can support colors, but the commands won't know this, since output isn't sent directly to a terminal.

Color = always

2 Target

I prefer having all my downloaded packages in one place instead of all over.

TargetDir = /home/slash/code/aur/

3 Ignore pegas

The pegas repository is my own repository where I build things like emacs-bzr every night, however, I don't build everything every night and when something that is available in pegas gets updated in the AUR1 I will not see it, unless I make cower ignore it.

IgnoreRepo = pegas

Date: 01-07-2012 14:38:12

Org version 7.8.11 with Emacs version 24

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