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gitto is a utility written in Guile scheme to help me keep track of the status of my git repositories.


  • Show a list of how many commits to pull or push and whether or not the working directory of that repository is dirty.



Register repositories

First you'll have to register some repositories:

$ gitto -r ~/projects/project1
$ gitto -r ~/projects/project2
$ gitto -r ~/projects/project3

List status

Once you have registered some repositories you can list them by calling gitto without any arguments:

$ gitto
project1:      0 to push, 0 to pull and is dirty
project2:      5 to push, 2 to pull and is not dirty
project3:      0 to push, 1 to pull and is not dirty

Remove repositories

When you're fed up with a repository and no longer care about its status, you can remove it with the -R switch:

$ gitto -R ~/projects/project1

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